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Developments in South Boston

The neighborhood contains numerous developments that have modern designs and many condos with vintage styles. If you rent a condominium, you will have easy access to the Boston Main Channel, Route 25 and Congress Street, and each development on our list is within walking distance of Pleasure Bay, the Boston Common and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.


This development is near Interstate 90 and Interstate 93, and the condos are within 350 yards of Rolling Bridge Park, Rotch Playground and the Bass River. Allele features homes that have lofts, and each residence includes outdoor space that is private. Many of the condos have studies, high ceilings and floors that are made of bamboo. The design of the fixtures is based on European styles, and every bathroom features two large showerheads.

At Allele, some condominiums are equipped with a terrace that has chairs and a table. The property is surrounded by trees, and the developers are planning to plant additional foliage near the walkways.

The Macallen Building

Constructed in 2007, this development has 140 condos, and it has been approved by LEED. The building features a heated pool that is situated in a plaza with an area of at least 18,000 square feet, and the terrace has grills that are powered by gas. The Macallen Building contains a high-quality gym, elevators that move particularly swiftly and a newly designed system of air ducts. The ceilings of most of the condos have a height of 10 feet, and the style of the kitchens is based on a European design.

The rent for the smallest unit is $2,000, and the monthly cost of leasing the largest condominium is more than $3,500. Some of the three-bedroom condos feature private patios, and the most sizable unit has an area of at least 1,600 square feet.

Court Square Press Lofts

This structure is situated next to the Macallen Building, and guests can share the massive lap pool and the outdoor deck. The development has an underground garage and a sizable entertainment room, and residents will enjoy high-quality air conditioners and an adjustable heating system in each condo.

Many of the units feature walls that are made of brick. Some condominiums have a design that was popular in the 19th century and contain exposed beams and ceilings that consist of high-quality wood. Certain condos have an area of 600 square feet, and the most expensive units provide more than 2,000 square feet of space. Generally, the rent is $2,700 to $3,600.

During the last two years, the average price of a condo at the Court Square Press Lofts has steadily increased. As a result, many investors are purchasing the condos and selling them within six months.

The Signal Lofts

This building has 75 units, and 24 of these condos are reserved for artists who have been certified by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. This development features walls that are made of brick, an outdoor courtyard and a large deck that is positioned on the roof. Particular units have an old style and are equipped with sizable beams, and the ceilings of these condos have a height of 20 feet.

The appliances are made of stainless steel, and the windows consist of especially thick glass that is designed to prevent heat from escaping. The refrigerators and the microwaves in each suite have been manufactured by Whirlpool. Furthermore, the floors of some of the bathrooms are made of marble.

At the Signal Lofts, residents can use a two-floor garage that has 99 spaces, and inhabitants who own two vehicles may reserve adjacent parking spots. The garage also features a space for bicycles.